Poorboy Sandwiches

Poorboy Sandwhiches

  • Poorboy Sandwiches

    Our poorboys give you a whole lot of sandwich for your money! We start with a wheat or white fresh baked bun that is over 10-inches long. We spread it with our own tangy dressing, then fill it with the finest meats, thinly sliced onion, Swiss-American cheese, and top it off with fresh lettuce.


  • italian-poorboy

    Italian Poorboy

    • $7.75

    Salami, pepperoni, Italian dressing

  • veggie-poorboy

    Veggie Poorboy

    • $7.25

    Green peppers, green olives, black olives, and fresh mushrooms

  • turkey-breast-poorboy

    Turkey Breast Poorboy

    • $6.75
  • poorboy

    Ham Poorboy

    • $6.75
  • Summer Sausage Poorboy

    • $6.75
  • Deluxe Poorboy

    • $7.75

    Ham, salami, summer sausage

  • Smoked Turkey Poorboy

    • $6.75

    *only available in Mankato

  • Salami Poorboy

    Salami Poorboy

    • $6.75
  • Add to your sandwich

    $0.50 per ingredient

    Extra meat, tomatoes, extra cheese, jalapenos, or any other pizza topping ingredient

    Add chips to any poorboy for $0.99